Actions builder

Boost your product or service by taking decisive actions that will turn potential improvements into real enhancements your customers will love.

Once you've identified an opportunity to enhance your product or service, it's time to act and make it a reality. To do this, navigate to the Actions tab and click the yellow "plus" button labeled "Actions." This will bring you to the Actions Builder. The first thing to do is write a concise, descriptive title that clearly outlines the action you intend to take. For instance, Carrie noticed some of her potential customers were not aware of the sustainable practices behind her clothing line. She decided to take action and begin educating her customers. She titled this action "Develop educational blog posts on sustainable fashion.”Screenshot 2024-02-22 at 10-27-00 AM-png

After deciding on a name, it's time to write a description. Be as specific as possible in detailing what the action involves. Include all the necessary steps to complete the action, ensuring they align with the action's goal and title. Also, remember to mention any critical details that could affect the execution or outcome of the action. Here's what Carrie wrote:Screenshot 2024-02-22 at 10-28-38 AM-png

After writing the description, don't forget to assign an owner to this action. This person will be in charge of ensuring that the action is completed on time, which promotes efficiency and transparency, and gives you a designated point of contact if the need should arise.Screenshot 2024-02-22 at 10-31-31 AM-png

Now set a status update for your action. You can choose from “Opened,” “Approved,” “Rejected,” and “Resolved.” Whatever you choose, we recommend regularly updating your action’s status This helps to track progress and lets the team know if the action is pending, in progress, or completed.

Next, add a few tags. Tags help you categorize and locate your actions quickly. For instance, Carrie might tag her action with "content creation," "blog," and "sustainable fashion."Screenshot 2024-02-22 at 10-32-53 AM-png

In many cases, it is a good idea to include links or specific files in your action to give you direct access to relevant resources. This can be especially helpful for complex actions that involve multiple documents or resources. It enables quick navigation and ensures all necessary information is readily available, improving efficiency and effectiveness.

Links Carrie could include in her sustainable blog action could be:

  • Links to research or articles about sustainable fashion
  • A Google Docs link to the content calendar for the blog posts
  • A link to a shared Google Drive folder containing draft blog posts
  • Links to digital assets, such as relevant images or infographics
  • A link to a Google Sheets document tracking the performance metrics of each published blog post

Screenshot 2024-02-22 at 10-38-44 AM-png

Finally, assign your action a priority level to let your team know which actions need their immediate attention. This way you ensure the important tasks never get overlooked. If you'd like, you can create another opportunity by clicking on the "Add Opportunity" button at the bottom of the screen.Screenshot 2024-02-22 at 10-58-04 AM-png

Great job, you've taken a giant leap in bringing your ideas for improvement out of the dark and into the light! Continue honing your product or service and keep your eyes open for more ways to enhanice. Before you know it, you'll be rocketing to the stars. Remember, while ideas a great, truly unlocking their their full potential, requires concrete, actionable steps. For more information on how to do this in Out of Dark visit our Actions page.