Journeys tab

Get to know the Journeys tab and begin crafting compelling customer journeys using pre-designed templates.

The Journeys tab is where it all begins. It is your command center for customer experience. It is where you create, manage, and monitor all your customer journeys, and it's your go-to place for creating, customizing, and assessing the effectiveness of each journey. Simplified oversight and real-time performance snapshots make it easy to track progress and tweak as needed. So let’s dive in and start crafting some standout customer experiences!Journeys Tab

In Out of Dark, journeys are displayed on a dashboard that provides a snapshot of the vital information for each journey, ensuring you have the data you need for effective management and optimization right at your fingertips. Here you’ll find the following metrics:Journer card

  1. Satisfaction Score: Instantly gauge how well your journey aligns with your goals and key performance metrics. A clear, straightforward indicator of success.
  2. Teams: Easily identify who's responsible for what. This feature keeps accountability transparent, ensuring everyone knows their role.
  3. Alerts: Stay informed of any issues the moment they arise. Quick alerts mean you can tackle problems promptly, keeping your journey on track.
  4. User Personas: Gain rapid insights into your target audience. Understanding their needs and expectations allows for a journey that’s perfectly tailored.
  5. Color-Coding: Use colors for quick visual reference. This simple yet effective tool helps you recognize and differentiate between journeys at a glance.Journey card_Hover_Number
    Hover your mouse over a journey to interact with it. This allows you to assign a team, select a color for easy identification, or delete the journey if needed. Additionally, creating a new journey is just a click away – look for the yellow plus button labeled 'New Journey' and get started on crafting another unique customer experience.

Kickstarting Your Journey

Great job on taking the first step towards crafting your customer journey! You're now on the New Journey screen and ready to roll. Let's start with a name for your journey. Think of something that captures its benefits or your goals, like “Boosting Sales Revenue” or “Enhancing Customer Service.” Don't stress over it, though - you can always tweak the name later.Journey name

Now, it's decision time. Start from scratch or use one of our ready-to-go templates? If you're new to this, a template is a smart choice. They're fully customizable and an effortless way to get things moving without getting bogged down in details. And don't worry about picking the “wrong” template—you can modify it to fit your needs as you move along, and it won’t affect your journey’s success.Templates

After you’ve picked a template and named your journey, assign a team to manage it. This keeps everyone in the loop about their responsibilities. Feel free to change the journey's color too, if you like. Now, let's get this journey started! For the next step, we'll look at the Activity Map.