Personas tab

Craft, manage, and glean insights from detailed customer personas to drive effective and relevant strategies.

The Personas tab is your go-to resource for crafting, overseeing, and deriving valuable insights from your customer personas. These personas, though fictional, offer detailed and varied representations of potential user types. They are essential tools that assist you in understanding and connecting with your customers' unique needs, behaviors, and motivations. This dynamic dashboard allows you to stay attuned and responsive to your customer base, ensuring your strategies remain effective and relevant.Personas

The Persona Dashboard provides you with an immediate overview of key information about your customer personas, ensuring that the customer experience always remains front and center in your mind. On this dashboard, you will find essential details for each persona, including:

  1. The persona’s name to help you quickly identify and empathize with each unique persona.
  2. A characteristic quote that provides a quick glimpse into their mindset and attitudes.
  3. Their profession giving insight into their background and potentially influencing their needs and preferences.
  4. Their age, important for understanding their life stage and how it affects their behavior and choices.
  5. The number of journeys they've been used in, highlighting their relevance and frequency of application in different scenarios.
  6. Color-Coding for a quick visual reference, helping you instantly differentiate between personasPersonas - Journey 3

Hover your mouse over a persona to reveal more options – by clicking the three dots in the upper right-hand corner, you can change its color, duplicate it, or even delete it. If you're looking to add a new persona, simply click the yellow plus button labeled 'New Persona' to get started.Screenshot 2024-01-28 at 10-37-21 PM-png

Building Your Persona

Congrats, you're on your way to truly understanding your customers! You've now reached the 'Create New Persona' screen. To proceed, just click on 'Manual Creation' and enter a name for your new persona.Screenshot 2024-01-28 at 10-39-22 PM-png

Choosing the right name for your persona is crucial, as it should resonate with the demographic or customer segment the persona represents. A good name makes the persona relatable and human-like, fostering empathy among team members towards the users they represent. Opt for memorable names that can be easily referred to during discussions and planning sessions. Steer clear of generic labels like "User 1" or "Customer A," as they lack personality and context, offering little value in understanding the persona.

Once you’ve chosen a name, click Create Persona. You will appear back in the Persona tab. To continue editing your persona, just scroll to find it. You'll notice that it's already been auto-populated with a quote, an age, and a profession. This is when the fun really begins! Now you can start fine-tuning your persona to bring it to life and ensure it accurately reflects your target audience.Screenshot 2024-01-28 at 10-41-14 PM-png

To continue learning how to build your persona, go to Persona builder.