Warning view

Monitor and address underperforming activities proactively and ensure smooth customer experiences by quickly identifying and resolving issues.

The Warnings view in Out of Dark is a crucial feature designed to alert users about activities that are not performing well or meeting the expected outcomes. It functions as an early warning system, flagging activities that may require attention or intervention.

This view is used to identify potential issues or areas of improvement in your customer journey. When an activity is flagged in the Warnings view, it indicates that it may not be reaching its goals, or may be negatively impacting the customer experience.

The Warnings view provides an opportunity to proactively address problems before they escalate. By identifying warning signs early, you can make necessary adjustments to your activities to improve your customer journey.Screenshot 2024-04-04 at 11.57.11 AM

For instance, if your social media activity is flagged in the Warnings view, it could indicate issues such as low engagement rates, declining follower count, negative customer feedback, etc. It would then be crucial to take corrective actions such as modifying your content strategy, collaborating with different influencers, or engaging more with your followers to improve the performance of this activity.

The Warnings view can also be used to get a quick overview of all activities across the different phases of your journey. It provides a centralized location where you can view activities that may need attention. This could involve activities that are not progressing as planned, have missed their deadlines, or are facing other issues. By checking the warnings view, you can quickly identify these activities and take necessary actions, ensuring a smooth and effective customer experience.

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