Opportunities basics

Optimize business opportunities to drive improvement and achieve your goals.

Opportunities in Out of Dark offer ways to enhance customer-facing activities, such as increasing brand awareness through more blog visits or driving in-store traffic with outdoor promotions. These are potential actions, situations, or enhancements aimed at achieving broader goals.

For example, Carrie established an activity named “Social Networks - Instagram” for her company, DreamCatcher, aiming to promote the latest fashion products, boost brand awareness, and engage with followers. To achieve this goal, she identified an opportunity which she titled “Improve our social media presence,” outlining the steps necessary for realization. She then assigned it to a team member and set a benefit rating to emphasize its impact on enhancing brand awareness and customer engagement.Screenshot 2024-02-14 at 9-40-46 PM-png

In the Opportunities tab of Out of Dark, you can create and oversee your opportunities. This is where you can quickly check the status of an opportunity (whether it's open, closed, archived, etc.), identify the team member in charge, gauge its priority and potential impact on your business and decision-making processes, understand which journey it pertains to, and more.Opportunities tab

You can give your opportunity a name and description in the Opportunity builder as well as determine its benefit level, current status, and assign an owner to ensure clear accountability. You can also include links, research data, and related project files to your opportunity to facilitate easy and effective implementation. To turn your opportunity into reality, add actionable steps to guide you towards success.

Opportunities - description

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