Customer journey basics

Discover the essentials of crafting a customer journey in Out of Dark, and begin transforming your customer interactions into an actionable roadmap to enhance engagement and experience.

Creating a customer journey in Out of Dark involves organizing and detailing your company's interactions with customers to provide a comprehensive overview of the customer experience. This process begins with the Activity Map, a high-level mindmap of ongoing or planned customer activities that offers a clear overview of the entire customer journey. Each activity in the map represents a distinct interaction or action taken by the company towards the customer (i.e. marketing emails, blog posts, product sales or returns…), serving as touchpoints, milestones, or other customer-related activities.Activity Map

Once the activities are mapped out, the Detail view is where each activity is given life and meaning. This is where all the information about your activities is gathered in one location to build a history of your company’s activities and flesh out the story behind your customer journey. Widgets, blocks of customizable information, are used in the Detail view to provide additional context and details for each activity. They can include metrics, links, solutions, descriptions, and more, enhancing the understanding and context of each activity.Detail Tab with See phase, activities ans widgets-2

Another crucial feature in Out of Dark is the Warnings view. It functions as an early warning system, flagging activities that may require attention or intervention. It provides an opportunity to proactively address problems before they escalate, maintaining a smooth and effective customer experience.Warnings

Developing a customer journey in Out of Dark offers in-depth insights into the customer experience, pinpointing potential improvement areas and enhancing the overall journey. By leveraging the described features, companies can track and analyze the impact of each activity, ensure accountability and regular updates, and gain insights into how customers feel at each stage of the journey. Learn more about building effective customer journeys in our Journeys guide.