Actions basics

Use actions to transform ideas into impactful user experiences.

In Out of Dark, "Actions" are the steps you take to turn your Opportunities into a reality. These are the real actions you’ll take to improve a specific customer-facing activty. Think of them as the "how" in turning opportunities into real, positive changes. Actions are very important because they make sure your opportunities don’t remain mere ideas, but become tangible improvements that enhance user experience and business operations.Screenshot 2024-02-14 at 6-36-20 PM-png

Actions can be found in the Opportunities tab of the Out of Dark platform. We recommend you assign each opportunity a set of actions that outline specific steps for implementing improvements. These actions should be clear, concise, and specific, providing a roadmap for achieving the potential benefits of the opportunity.Screenshot 2024-02-14 at 6-29-06 PM-png

One of the main benefits of Out of Dark actions is that you can assign a team member to each one. This makes sure someone is always responsible, which helps things get done more smoothly. Similar to opportunities, you can change an action’s status and priority and add links, data, and project files. Each action should have a clear description that explains what steps need to be taken and what results you're hoping for. This detail helps you and your team plan and work together better.Screenshot 2024-02-14 at 6-32-17 PM-png

Actions in Out of Dark turn a good idea into an actionable plan for improvement. They foster accountability and ensure that each opportunity is acted upon while aligning team efforts with a common goal. With precise actions assigned to each opportunity, companies can monitor progress accurately, adjust strategies as needed, and ensure they fully capture the opportunities' benefits. This approach streamlines the process of turning potential into actual improvements, emphasizing the importance of clarity, accountability, and strategic action in organizational growth.

To learn more about setting up actions, read up on the Actions tab and Actions builder.