Out of Dark basics

Discover the key features in Out of Dark and get your journey rolling!

Out of Dark Basics

Out of Dark is a cutting-edge business mapping tool engineered to refine management practices and boost customer engagement. It provides a detailed analysis of crucial customer interactions and touchpoints, enhancing strategy planning and execution.

Drawing on advanced analytics and metrics, Out of Dark makes managing your customer experience a straightforward process and helps you implement informed and effective strategies based on what makes your customers tick. Here is a quick rundown of the key features.

Journey Tab

The Journeys tab in Out of Dark is an essential tool designed to streamline the creation and management of customer journeys. It allows for precise customization to align with user behaviors, preferences, and needs, ensuring that every journey you create resonates with your target audience. This tab is instrumental in providing you with the insights needed to enhance user experiences and significantly improve overall satisfaction.Journeys Tab

With the Journeys tab, you gain access to a comprehensive overview of each journey at a glance. This includes vital information such as satisfaction scores, the teams responsible, any warnings or alerts, and the personas assigned to each journey. This snapshot is invaluable, offering a clear understanding of the effectiveness and impact of each journey. By utilizing the Journey tab, you are equipped with the knowledge and tools to make informed decisions, tailor your approaches, and achieve better outcomes for both your users and your business.

The Activity Map

The Activity Map is your key resource for visualizing customer interactions across various touchpoints. This feature helps you dive into your customers’ experience to truly understand them and highlights the journey from their perspective. By mapping out crucial interactions, the Activity Map reveals critical insights into where your customers engage most and where they may encounter difficulties.Carrie journey

This understanding of what makes your customers tick is central for identifying opportunities for improvement. It serves as a strategic guide, aiding in the development of targeted initiatives aimed at boosting customer satisfaction. With the Activity Map, you're not just reacting to customer needs; you're proactively planning and implementing solutions that elevate the customer experience at every touchpoint.

The Detail view

The Detail View provides an in-depth look at each touchpoint within a customer journey. This is where you add goals, actionable steps, performance metrics, visuals, and more, filling out each step the customer takes along the way with key details that will help you better understand their experience and help you make better decisions. It provides you with key insights to ensure that every step you take is informed, strategic, and aligned with your overarching goals.Journey_data


In Out of Dark, widgets are a powerful feature that lets you insert detailed information like metrics, links, and descriptions, into your customer journey touchpoints - which we call “activities”. These customizable blocks, which include Pictures for visual details, Metrics for tracking impacts, and Personas for user profiling, enhance the visibility and understanding of your activities. Utilizing widgets allows for a better analysis of how each activity influences the overall customer experience, enabling you to tailor strategies more effectively to meet customer needs. Widgets are strategic tools in Out of Dark, designed to elevate customer engagement and improve management by providing a more insightful and tailored approach to customer interactions. For more information, see Widgets.Tags Widget


Finally, Warnings are a unique feature of Out of Dark. They alert you to potential issues or areas for improvement in your customer journey, allowing you to proactively address these concerns and enhance the overall customer experience.Journey_warnings